8mm Thick x 5m Long – Solid Rubber Strips

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Solid neoprene rubber strips. These strips are 8mm thick x 5m long, please select your width from the menu below.

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A strip of solid rubber material.
This solid neoprene rubber strip will be supplied as a coiled roll.

This material is very tough, resilient, strong and slightly flexible.
Resistant to impact, wear, fluids and abrasion.
Can be stuck to most hard surfaces using a general purpose contact adhesive.

For all your commercial, industrial and D.I.Y requirements:
-Use it where protection, packing, buffering, impact resistance and cut-outs are needed
-Cut it with a pair of scissors, a craft knife or a punch
-Keep rain and leaves out of your garage and sheds
-Make yourself a sealing gasket or flange seal
-Stick it behind wall hangings, stick it under statues or pin it to the garden gate

Technical Specifications:

  • Commercial Rubber (CQ – Commercial Quality)
  • Base Polymer NR/SBR – (Natural Rubber / Styrene Butadiene Rubber)
  • Hardness ; 70° (+/- 5°) Shore A
  • Black in colour
  • Specific Gravity 1.50 grams / cubic centimeter
  • Usable temperature range -30°C  to +70°C

Please note: This rubber material is a neoprene blend and is not suitable for exposure to petrol or solvents.

These products are very heavy! 40mm and 50mm wide rolls are more than 2kg each and are only available at an increased shipping cost to international buyers. Please contact us for estimate.

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Dimensions 24 × 24 cm


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