2mm Thick x 10m Long – Self-Adhesive Sponge Strip

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Neoprene rubber sponge self-adhesive strips. These strips are 2mm thick x 10m long, please select your width from the menu below.

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  • Expanded Closed Cell  EPDM Sponge
  • Black in Colour
  • Sponge consistency
  • Compressible
  • Self-adhesive on one side only
  • Closed cell foam structure
  • Resistant to ageing, ozone, oil, acids and weathering

This product is a strip of neoprene rubber sponge blend, it has a compressible sponge-like consistency.
It is black with removable yellow backing on one side. It is adhesive on one side only. It will be delivered as a coiled roll.

Use this product in many different ways!
Great for: 
Weathering seal around windows and doors.
Smoke seal.
Vacuum pressing seal.
For use in caravan, boat, motor car, truck, van or trailer use.
Sound damping for sound stages.
Vibration damping to floor joists.
Non-slip applications e.g to floors, shoes, yacht decks.
Bumping protection applications.

Technical details:
DA320 Expanded closed cell sponge
Temperature range -40°C to+70°C
Hardness: 43 Shore A
EPDM/CR composition

Please note: This rubber material is a blend and is not recommended for exposure to petrol or solvents.

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Dimensions 19 × 19 cm


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